When you put in the work to build your business with deep roots, you create peace in your life, freedom to get back to your family, and the potential to earn your dream salary. Instead of working harder, booking out weekends, missing out on precious family time, and worrying endlessly about whether you’re doing enough, you will build a business rooted in proven systems. Stop serving your business. Start creating a business that serves you.


Get Rooted.

are you ready
for something different?

Your evenings and weekends are filling up. While you're missing out on the best part of life you worry, "Will it always be this complicated?"

Selling after the session feels way too awkward, so you stick with all-inclusive packages or just send a gallery, leaving your client to figure it out.

You are frazzled editing all the sessions, responding to all the emails, sending all the invoices, keeping up on social. This season burned you out!

You want to make more money without taking on more (and more and more) sessions.

You based your prices on what other photographers are charging, & worried by charging more you won't be competitive in your saturated market.

But, you're still left with so many worries & questions

I get it. You want to earn more, but did the math & can't possibly shoot that many sessions.

You are so ready for a portrait business that

books sessions easily
is known in your community
pays you well
and feels like a breeze to run

"Spending time with Laura was one of the best experiences I’ve had in 24 years as a professional photographer. 

She was incredibly gracious with her time, which allowed me to ask a ton of questions. We dug into the details of shifting my business model, logistically, financially and in practical terms. 

Our time together was so incredibly valuable to me!"

Suzanne Karp


You feel rooted in a purpose that not only fuels you in life, but also as a business owner.

Your weekends are free to enjoy together as a family, providing you the rest you need to show up inspired at both work and home. No more FOMO for you, momma!

You create a natural rapport with clients while serving them with an effortless & exceptional experience.

You are so confident in your pricing, the experience you offer, and booking clients you stop second guessing every step.

Imagine you go from $400 all inclusive sessions to comfortably having $1,500, $2500, and even $4000+ sales, all while working less than ever before.

what if instead of the hustle & worry, your business looked like this:

a flourishing 6-figure PORTRAIT BUSINESS is within your reach...  
       in a saturated market,
       with only a couple years of experience,

There is good news. 

After running an all-inclusive business for 8 years, I started to feel (as Laura puts it) like an architect who never saw her designs built. Majority of my clients were printing one or two photos and the rest of their beautiful images were collecting “digital dust” on a hard drive, probably never to been seen or enjoyed by the future generations.

My Get Rooted experience with Laura has been immensely helpful as I level up my client experience, aim to get tangible prints & albums into client hands, and increase profit margin. Having clear, bite-size video lessons AND group coaching has been a perfect combination for me.
Working through her Money Worksheet has been eye-opening and completely GAME-CHANGING! It has helped me put on my CEO hat and finally understand the real cost of running my business. This knowledge has guided me through new pricing and packages and has given me total confidence on inquiry calls.

Lastly, what I appreciate most about Laura’s approach is that she is helping us to shift our marketing mindset. Sustainable business is about the long-game of community marketing, building authentic relationships, and making a reputable name for your brand. There is no get-rich-quick way to run a photography business, and Laura has lived experience of laying a sturdy foundation in order to truly have a business that stands the test of time.

Huge thanks to Laura for her availability, accountability, and encouragement for each of us in the Get Rooted community. To have someone like Laura in my corner as I level up my business is truly invaluable!

My Get Rooted experience with Laura has been immensely helpful as I level up my client experience, aim to get tangible prints & albums into client hands, and increase profit margin. Having clear, bite-size video lessons AND group coaching has been a perfect combination for me.

Working through her Money Worksheet has been eye-opening and completely GAME-CHANGING! It has helped me put on my CEO hat and finally understand the real cost of running my business. This knowledge has guided me through new pricing and packages and has given me total confidence on inquiry calls.

Christi Marcheschi


Christi Marcheschi


Want to talk to Christi about her time in Get Rooted? 

Click here to connect on Instagram!

Imagine being at ease in your business, feeling confident selling your work, booking fewer sessions YET earning more money, and having fun in your business again.

With 23 years and counting as a photographer, I've seen and done it all. Over the years, I've worked from home, owned three different studios, and launched a retail studio brand. I've worked alone, I've worked with a team of 6, and everything in between. The one thing that never changed was my insistence to balance work/life, earn a healthy income, and serve my clients well. I currently own a boutique portrait studio in Denver, Colorado named for my first born, Reese & Co Portraits.

I'm Laura Esmond, 

meet your coach

I transitioned from weddings to portraits with no plan. I ended up shooting all-inclusive sessions for $500, booked more than I could handle (which wasn't even that many), and worked late into the night editing images. I struggled to keep up with the tiny business I had. I missed time with family and even when I got to be with them, I was worn out. I knew I needed to find a better way. 

Because before i started earning $20k per month in my business, i was in your shoes. for real, and this method got me through it.

Wondering what makes me the perfect coach for you?

When I started earning close to $20,000 a month, working only 20-ish hours in my business, I knew I was onto something. I couldn't wait to share my strategies with other photographers struggling as I was.

"Working with Laura was an absolute game-changer for my business. With the whole post-COVID situation, I had to seriously consider raising my prices, but I was kinda scared about how my clients would react? But then, like a total pro, Laura came in and totally transformed my mindset! She gave me the perfect words and this amazing, proven system that empowered me to raise my prices to truly reflect my worth.

And, oh my gosh, wow! I started seeing those jaw-dropping 4-figure sales come in, and I became a total believer in Laura's magic. Thanks to her, my business is soaring! 🌟💸 "

Kayla Brint

meet kayla. with two young boys at home, she needed a way to balance all her important roles.

Get Rooted.


When you put in the work to build your business with strong roots, you create freedom and peace in your life to get back to living. Life is magic. Let’s not spend the whole time working.

See what's inside

Understand your numbers, how to price your work, and price your products. This is a full course rich with every- thing you need to run your business confidently. Never second guess your pricing again.


Your business starts with YOU. So we start by defining what your business should look like on YOUR terms. You will root your business in a vision that fits your needs an dunblock anything standing in your way.


  • Designing Your Dream Life
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Money Mindset
  • Vision Board
  • Your Pricing Strategy
  • The Pricing Workshop
  • Pricing Products
  • Creating Packages That Sell


PART one

Master my easy 7-step process for selling artwork. Selling to your clients shouldn’t be complicated. Over the years, I’ve created. a non-salesy sales method that starts with serving my clients above all else. 

  • Learn step-by-step how to go from 3-figure sales to earning 4-figures on every session.
  • Learn how to talk about products, overcoming objections, preparing clients for buying at the ordering meeting, what to bring, and more.

The Art of In-person sales

Cultivating growth


  • Create a solid Customer Journey Map so you know every step and never miss a beat.
  • Learn how to infuse your experience with next level moments so your clients will feel special.

Learn how to create a great experience from your clients perspective. Design a unique experience you are confident you can repeat again and again using my Customer Journey Map and all the tips to make it special.

the pampered client

The methods you’ll learn are the same I’ve used for 20 years to become known in my community as a go-to photographer for beautiful portraits, without relying on social media. My strategies drive the best inquiries.

  • 5 Steps to Blogging Effectively
  • Learn how to capture emails & grow
  • Get known in your community with community marketing strategies
  • Get more client referrals


  • Attract your dream client
  • Write a brand message to help you stand out from the crowd
  • Create a branding visual guide

If you try to be for all people, you’re really for no one. In this module, you’ll figure out exactly who your ideal client is and how to talk directly to her heart so you can stand out from the sea of photographers in your market.


I’m giving away all of my exact brochures, wording included, so you can just plug in your logo and start sending to your clients immediately. Plus, get book suggestions, software I can’t live without and all the things to keep your business rooted deep.


Systems are what make it possible to never miss a beat with your clients. Productivity makes it possible to get home to your family. As a mom of three, I need to make sure my business can run with or without me. I’m sharing all the tools I use to be work smart.




Twice monthly group calls to answer all the questions and be inspired for four months.
Daily weekday support via Slack for four months while you implement the strategies.
Printable Get Rooted Workbook to keep you organized.
A financial Google doc worksheet.
All of my brochures & templates to customize and start using right away.
Lifetime access to all the educational modules.










the collaboration, the daily support, the weekly check-ins


step-by-step educational modules

weekday slack support

scripts, nurture emails & templates


live group calls


"Some people look at the cost of a transformational experience. Some look at the cost of being in the same place 90 days from now."

You are a portrait photographer (or wedding photographer ready to pivot into portraits).

You have at least 1+ year of experience, a website, social media, & a portfolio of work.

You are ready to ignite your mindset & business.

You are done with excuses, googling for answers, and downloading freebies.

You are ready to have a clear vision for your business and implement proven systems for pricing, selling and marketing your business.

You're perfect for this if...

Surround yourself with like-minded women, nurture your dreams, and create a clear plan for a long & happy career as a portrait photographer.

This will be the game changer you've been looking for.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 

jim rohn


Here's the truth about pricing. There is a market for every price range. And no matter how you're priced, you will always find people who can't afford you. But you also find those who can. More importantly, if your current prices aren't setting you up for a sustainable business, then it's only a matter of time before you'll be at a crossroad:  increasing your rates that will keep you in business or being forced to choose a new line of work. Let's work together to keep you in this field you love.


"No one will pay higher rates than what I charge right now."

I too believe we should be the best photographers possible for our clients. However, photography is a lifelong journey. You will spend years honing your skills and learning from others. But without the right business model, pricing and practices in place, you will not be able to find your target clients or know how to serve them well when they do come along. It's a widely known secret in our industry: your business skills are just as important, if not more important, than your camera skills.

"My work isn't good enough yet. I need to work on that part first."

This is your fasttrack to a profitable business. The course is designed to provide you ample time to implement the strategies (which could be finished in a week or two) and then have coaching through the questions that come up while you start booking sessions at 2-3x your current rate. Your payment for this course should be returned within just 2 or 3 portrait clients. And to be perfectly honest, you'll either spend time or money getting where you want to go.


"I don't have the time or extra money to invest in a program like this."

When you begin to make big plans, the little voice in your head will give you every excuse in the book to keep you exactly where you are today.

Quick Q

What's holding you back?

The more important question is:

Do you want to be exactly where you are today, three months from now?

Or you can invest in a photography mentor who has successfully created the business you want & can guide you with detailed steps to get you exactly where you want to go.

OR resources

Spend the next few years slowly working towards creating a profitable business, throwing spaghetti at the walls, downloading all the freebies, trying to figure this out alone.

YOU CAN EITHER spend time

A solid pricing model that supports your business and pays you!

A business model that puts more time back in your day to spend with your family.

A clear brand and message so you can stand out from the sea of photographers.

A marketing strategy that involves more than just posting and praying and sends inquiries to your inbox.

An experience roadmap that ensure your clients feel cared for and you never miss a step.

The joy of bring in 4-figure sales without the ick of selling.














Still unsure if this is the right fit you?

I get it. It's a scary thing to know you need big changes, but unsure how to get there.  Shoot me an email with any concerns or questions. I'm here for ya.