Are you ready to end the portrait photographer burn out cycle?


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Friend, I'm here to tell you:
there is another way.

Your evenings and weekends are filling up, stealing precious time with family. You not only fear, you know, you are missing the best moments.

Your confidence in making this business work is flailing and you wonder if you'll ever get to {quit your full time job/stop doing weddings/earning a substantial salary}.

You make decisions about your business on an island, without a partner who can guide you.

You know you need earn more on every portrait session but you already get pushback with your current rates, how could you charge more??

Your calendar is booking, but with the low rates you charge, you still always need more sessions to actually make a desirable income.

You based your prices on what other photographers are charging, & worried by charging more you won't be competitive in your saturated market.


And you're realizing there's more to being a photographer than pretty pictures. You're feeling stuck charging only a few hundred dollars for a session.


I see you over there, building a beautiful portfolio of work and booking your calendar.

Get Rooted is a four month group coaching program with step-by-step proven systems to increase your sales so you can work less, yet earn more.



what if instead of hustling to shoot more, more, more,
your business looked like this:

Four figure sessions are within your reach
       even in a saturated market,
       with only a couple years of experience,
       and without shooting weddings.

Imagine you go from $400 all inclusive sessions to comfortably having $1,500+ sales, all while working less than ever before.

You create a natural rapport with clients while serving them with such a beautiful experience, they keep sending friends your way.

Your weekends are free to enjoy together as a family, providing you the rest you need to stay joyful as a photographer and mom. No more FOMO for you, momma!

You feel rooted in a purpose that not only fuels you as a mother, but also as a business owner.

Here's the good news. 

or, just Imagine being at ease in your business, feeling confident selling your work, booking fewer sessions YET earning more money, and having fun in your business again.

Being a solopreneur no longer means you have to do things solo. This course is more than just watching videos and trying to decipher how to implement. Get Rooted is hands-on with daily online support and bi-monthly group calls. 

Because here, we don't compete.

This course isn't a go-it-alone kinda thing.

One other important thing

We collaborate.

Ask any successful person how they found success and they will attribute a rock solid mindset. So we start here, outlining what you need, what's holding you back, and step-by-step how you keep moving forward when it gets hard.

Designing Your Dream Life

module one

You'll never second guess how to price yourself, why you're priced that way, where the money is coming from or the best way to price your products ...ever again. You get my fave Google doc spreadsheet to just plug in numbers and go! 

Understanding Your Numbers

module two

You'll step away confident as all get out in selling your work. This course is jam packed with nurture emails, call scripts, how to talk about artwork, products my clients love, as well as how to produce wall art & albums if this is new to you.  

Selling Made Easy

module three

Branding is more than colors & fonts. Learn how to tell a story to your client so you can stand out from the crowd and ensure your target clients will line up to hire you and only you!

Branding Your Portrait Business

module four

Learn what goes into creating a remarkable and unforgettable experience for every client. Design a unique experience you are confident you can repeat again and again.

Your Unique Experience

module five

There is not one magical way for clients to line up, but instead a multi-faceted effort and I'm sharing it all! Learn how to show up in front of your ideal clients so when they're ready to hire a photographer, they think of you first. We go into SEO, community, blogging, Google and more.

Advertising Your Business

module six

No more wondering how to communicate all the things to your clients. In this module, I provide you with all the materials you'll need to beautifully communicate pricing, your process, styling guidance and prepping for a session. All materials provided as customizable Canva templates.

Templates & Brochures

module seven

As a mom of three and a traveling hubby, this artsy and filled-to-the-brim brain needs to stay organized. I share all my resources and methods for organizing not only work, but our home life as well.


module eight

Kayla brint

"Working with Laura was an absolute game-changer for my business. You know, with the whole post-COVID situation, I had to seriously consider raising my prices, but I gotta admit, I was kinda scared about how my clients would react? But then, like a total pro, Laura came in and totally transformed my mindset! She gave me the perfect words, the right mindset, and this amazing, proven system that empowered me to raise my prices to truly reflect my worth.

And, oh my gosh, wow! I started seeing those jaw-dropping 4-figure sales come in, and I became a total believer in Laura's magic. She's got that special touch, I tell ya! Thanks to her, my business is soaring high, and I'm just over the moon about it! 🌟💸 "

Twice monthly group calls to answer all the questions and work through the blocks for four months.
Daily weekday support via Slack for four months while you implement the strategies.
Printable worksheets to keep you organized.
A financial Google doc worksheet.
Lifetime access to all the educational modules.








the collaboration, the daily support, the weekly check-ins

But the real magic happens, between the modules...

step-by-step educational modules

weekday slack support

scripts, nurture emails & templates


live group calls


"Some people look at the cost of a transformational experience. Some look at the cost of being in the place 90 days from now."

With 23 years and counting as a photographer, I've seen and done it all. Over the years, I've worked from home, owned three different studios, and launched a retail studio brand. I've worked alone, I've worked with a team of 6, and everything in between. The one thing that never changed was my insistence to balance work/life, earn a healthy income, and serve my clients well. I currently own a boutique portrait studio in Denver, Colorado named for my first born, Reese & Co Portraits.

I'm Laura Esmond, 

meet your coach

I transitioned from weddings to portraits with no plan. I ended up working all-inclusive sessions for $500, booked more than I could handle, and worked late into the night editing images. I missed time with family and even when I got to be with them, I was worn out. I knew I needed to find a better way. When I started selling $1500, $2500, sometimes $5000+ sessions, I knew I was onto something.

Because before i hit SIX figures i was in exactly your shoes. for real, and this method got me through it.

Wondering what makes me the perfect coach for you?

Surround yourself with like-minded, incredible women, nurture your dreams, and create a clear plan for a long & happy career as a portrait photographer.

This will be the game changer you've been looking for.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 

jim rohn

You are a portrait photographer (or wedding photographer ready to pivot into portraits).

You have at least 1 year experience, a website, social media, & a portfolio of work.

You are ready to ignite your mindset & business.

You are done with excuses.

You are ready to implement proven systems for pricing, selling and marketing your business.

You're perfect for this mastermind if...


Here's the truth about pricing. There is a market for every price range. And no matter how you're priced, you will always find people who can't afford you. But you also find those who can. More importantly, if your current prices aren't setting you up for a sustainable business, then it's only a matter of time before you'll be at a crossroad:  increasing your rates that will keep you in business or being forced to choose a new line of work. Let's work together to keep you in this field you love.


"No one will pay higher rates than what I charge right now."

I too believe we should be the best photographers possible for our clients. However, photography is a lifelong journey. You will spend years honing your skills and learning from others. But without the right business model, pricing and practices in place, you will not be able to find your target clients or know how to serve them well when they do come along. It's a widely known secret in our industry: your business skills are just as important, if not more important, than your camera skills.

"My work isn't good enough yet. I need to work on that part first."

This is your fasttrack to a profitable business. The course is designed to provide you ample time to implement the strategies (which could be finished in a week or two) and then have coaching through the questions that come up while you start booking sessions at 2-3x your current rate. Your payment for this course should be returned within just 2 or 3 portrait clients. And to be perfectly honest, you'll either spend time or money getting where you want to go.


"I don't have the time or extra money to invest in a program like this."

When you begin to make big plans, the little voice in your head will give you every excuse in the book to keep you exactly where you are today.

Quick Q

What's holding you back?

The more important question is:

Do you want to be exactly where you are today, four months from now?

Or you can invest in a photography coach who has successfully created the business you want & can guide you with detailed steps to get you exactly where you want to go.

OR resources

Spend the next few years slowly working towards creating a profitable business, throwing spaghetti at the walls, downloading all the freebies, trying to figure this out alone.

YOU CAN EITHER spend time

A solid pricing model that supports your business and pays you!

A business model that puts more time back in your day to spend with your family.

A clear brand and message so you can attract your dream clients.

A marketing strategy that involves more than just posting and praying.

An experience that keeps your clients coming back for more.

The joy of bring in 4-figure sales without the ick of selling.














Still unsure if this is the right fit you?

I understand.  Shoot me an email with any concerns or questions. I'm here for ya.